TNK Marine Transport LLC

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Marine Transportation Company specializing in oversize boats up to 39 ft long and 13 ft wide.


TNK Marine Transport LLC is a Pittsburgh Pa based Marine Transport Co. We are a fully DOT Compliant company subject to the rules and regulations of the Dept of Transportation. We carry full commercial insurance for your protection. We offer different types of transport of your vessel. For sling to sling or wet load and unload we have a 2015 Broward 48 foot Transport trailer that will haul up to a 40 foot vessel and also will transport vehicles if needed. We have a Hostar Hydraulic 34 foot trailer capable of hauling up to a 37 foot vessel, that can pickup and set boats on stands and cribbing . We have a 42 foot adjustable bunk aluminum trailer for quick local moves. All our equipment is well maintained and top notch.  We haul local and Regional!

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By accepting this bid you are agreeing to this Service Provider's Terms and Conditions.
1)Downtime not warranted by transporter (load not ready,equipment failure, etc) exceeding 1 hour will be charged to customer @ $25/hr rate(max drive time regulated by D.O.T. = 11 hrs per day)along with Per Diem rate ($150.00 day) if overnight stay is applicable.

2)We charge a flat roundtrip deadhead /dry-run fee; rate of $1.50 per mile (times the distance (miles) of empty truck/trailer) if a truck is dispatched to pick up a load/unit and the load/unit is not loaded and transported by the transporter.

3) Please note your rate will not change if your specs are accurate. Please note the following if applicable.
If your specs are incorrect and the shipment results in an overheight load, it will take longer to transport and a surcharge will apply.All "oversize/wideloads" must be permitted (by each state). Each state dictates the final route. The original route may be re-routed (added mileage), which may result in longer transport time. A surcharge will be added for the extra miles.

4)Please have all lose items tied down and or stored in the vessel. All canvas and braces must be removed prior to pick up. Any canvas and braces left up, we will do out best to remove it and store it. We are not responsible for any damages on canvas and braces especially if we are trying to remove it. Brittle canvas tears and rips very easily as well as the snap buttons. Bumpers, cushions, lines, etc should all be placed inside the cabin. We can not be responsible for items that may fly out during transport. We charge $125.00 an hour to prep a vessel for transport if needed. Which may include removing canvas, radars, bumpers, lines, etc. Please have this done prior to pick up. We do not like to charge out clients for anything more than our initial agreement.

5)TNK Marine Transport LLCcannot and will not take responsibility for damage due to weakness or inherent dry rot of the hull during loading, transport and unloading( wood hull or fiberglass hull). Owner of the vessel assumes all responsibility of damage and cleanup if the hull splits, cracks,or otherwise falls apart.Please keep in mind that the boat has to be strong enough to withstand overland shipment.

6)TNK Marine Transport LLC can not be responsible for any cleats or tie down points tearing out during transport due to weak/soft fiberglass. We can not take any responsibility for any stress cracks this may cause. We must properly secure the vessel prior to transport.
All items inside your boat should be stowed and properly secured. Drawers and cupboards should be taped shut. We do not assume any responsibility for damages that occur due to items shifting inside the cabin.

7)Equipment such as radios, gps, radars, depth sounders, knot meters and such should be removed from their brackets on deck and stowed inside the cabin. All electronics, radar, hailers, horns, antennas, propellers, flag masts, lights, anchor,lights, etc., should be removed, packed securely and securely stored below. TNK Marine Transport LLC will not be responsible if they are stolen, damaged, or if they vibrate off.

8)If wet load or wet launch has to be done due to customers arranged lift is down a fee of $200.00 will apply unless agreed upon by TNK Marine Transport LLC and customer that it would be a wet launch or load as terms of contract.

9)We cannot be responsible for damage due to low hanging tree limbs or branches. We will do everything possible to avoid them.

10)We are not responsible for acts of God. Hurricanes, Tornado's, Hail or any weather related damages.We will do everything in our power to seek shelter and protect your vessel during transport.

11) TNK Marine Transport LLC reserves the right to cancel contractif vessel is deemed unsafe for transport.

12) When TNK Marine Transport LLC transports vehicles all said paragraphs apply above.

13) we accept all forms of payment except checks. We welcome uship payments, visa/mc,american express, discover, cash, paypal